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 Pecan Poker Network

Why Join Pecan Networks?
At Pecan Networks we provide you not just state of the art poker software but also our expertise in gaming and the online gaming business. We take away all the uncertainties that surround all new and old poker sites by providing world class server infrastructure and management, free software upgrades and powerful management tools that help you focus on serving your customers, your players. We spend a lot of time and money on developing our software which enhances player satisfaction while assuring safety and security.
The players also get the latest and widest selection of features, improving player retention and loyalty to your site.

Critical Mass
Texas Holdem PlayersBeing interactive in nature, you need a minimum player base to ensure that your players are playing from day one. Many independent sites spend vast amounts of money in paying players to stay logged in so that new players are able to see action. However, this increases your cost of acquisition and adds yet another management task to your already busy schedule.
When you join the Pecan Network, you can be assured that your players will see full tables and the site buzzing with activity. This encourages players to make deposits and start playing almost immediately. You can be certain that your cost of acquiring new players will be drastically reduced and you are earning from the earliest stages

Best Poker PromotionsAt Pecan Network, we offer players a wide range of promotions to choose from. This attracts players as these promotions are geared to give something back to all your players. The very regular players will get more options to win back more from the system, thus increasing player loyalty and satisfaction.

Privacy concerns

Best Poker PromotionsWhen you join the Pecan network, your players are assured complete privacy and freedom from unsolicited marketing and emails. All communication is strictly between the site owner and the players, ensuring that you are able to maintain full contact with your players with important messages and announcements about your poker room. The advanced tools ensure you are in full control at all times.